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Federation Annual Meeting Starts in One Week

2017 Sisters of Charity Federation annual meeting in New York

Sixty-nine leaders of the Sisters of Charity Federation of North America will gather in Tarrytown, New York June 1-5 for their 2017 Annual Leadership Meeting, hosted this year by the Sisters of Charity of New York. They represent two provinces of the Daughters of Charity and eleven congregations of Sisters of Charity in the United States and Canada.

The theme this year is “Hazard yet Forward: Futuring Charity Together,” which comes from the 12th century Seton family coat of arms which reads: In adversity, patience; in prosperity, benevolence; hazard yet forward. Today we might say: At whatever risk, yet go forward! We believe it is a powerful reminder of the challenges we face as we move into our shared future.

On June 2nd, Sister Teresa Kotturan, our NGO representative to the UN, will present on the issue of Migration and Refugees, with a special focus on the impacts on women and children. Several NGO Liaisons will share their thoughts as part of an NGO panel discussion, including Helene Allain NDSC, Carol De Angelo SCNY, and Eileen Haynes SCL. Five congregations will present their report on the promotion of systemic change in one of their ministries: Halifax, Our Lady of Mercy, Notre Dame du Sacre Coeur, Nazareth and Seton Hill. Leaders will explore the interconnectedness of the Federation through the President’s Report, Executive Director’s report, and the Finance Report.

On June 3rd, panelists Melissa Camardo SCL, Carlette Gentle SCN, Salvatrice Murphy DC-StL, and Joanne O’Regan CSM will address current realities among us as the Federation. The group will also enjoy viewing a play by Turlough McConnell called How Nuns of NY tamed the Gangs of NY, followed by a celebration of the vigil of Pentecost at St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral.

On June 4th, we will reflect upon additional reports from House of Charity, Seton Heritage Ministries and multiple Federation collaborative groups, and the leaders will articulate the implications of moving into our shared future as a Federation. The group will also take a trip to the Mt. St. Vincent campus and enjoy a Pentecost Prayer Service in the Chapel.

Sister Florence Hee, OSF, will facilitate the contemplative listening and prayer to deepen our interconnectedness and focus our action as a Federation.

Sisters, Associates & Affiliates are invited to join in the online conversation on or by following @scharityfed on Twitter. The Federation is encouraging those of you in attendance to frequently post about the meeting on your personal social media accounts using the hashtag #CharitySistersinNYC. Who knows, you could be republished!

Daily updates, photos and videos will also be available at


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