2017 Annual Leadership Meeting

June 1-5, 2017 in New York City, NY

Sixty leaders of the Sisters of Charity Federation of North America gathered in Tarrytown, New York for their 2017 Annual Leadership Meeting. They represented two provinces of the Daughters of Charity and 12 congregations of Sisters of Charity in the United States and Canada. This page contains all the videos, photos, stories and activities that went on throughout the gathering.

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Day 1: Hazard Yet Forward

The Federation meeting opened on Thursday evening, June 1st, 2017 with greetings from Sister Jane Iannucelli, President of the Sisters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul of New York. Sister Jane spoke of the theme “Hazard Yet Forward: Futuring Charity Together” as an invitation to “cross over the bridge to the future we are creating together.”

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Day 2: Hazard Yet Forward

Sister Teresa Kotturan, SCN, NGO representative to the United Nations, spoke about migrants, refugees, and internally displaced persons, with a focus on women and children. According to the UN, every minute there are 24 people that are displaced from their homes, whether it’s due to war, climate change or other circumstances. Women face discrimination as women, migrants, and unprotected workers, and their children are particularly vulnerable, as many that are refugees or internally displaced lack a birth certificate or nationality.

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Day 3: Hazard Yet Forward

Sister Salvatrice Murphy, DC-St. Louise offered that in everything there is truth but also brokenness in our history as Federation. She described the shared charism of living charity as a gem. Sister Melissa Camardo, SCL shared her hope that the Federation can be a creative force, a gathering and creating space. She cites that collaboration is surging in new ways and is urgent for the future where the wisdom of each is welcomed...

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Day 4: Hazard Yet Forward

A slideshow of photographs from House of Charity in New Orleans highlighted the work of Sisters and volunteers over the past year. During the session on ministry opportunities, the Daughters of Charity described the needs in Mississippi and the Sisters of Charity of Saint Elizabeth described needs in Haiti. Holmes County, MS is a poor county with high unemployment with a great need for help in the medical center, educational opportunities at the prison and school, and home visits with senior citizens...

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2017 Systemic Change Video

Sr Roma DeRobertis, SCIC

Sr Brendalee Boisvert, CSM

Sr Mary Jo Ritter, OLM

Sr Kati Hamm, SC-Halifax

Sr Brenda Gonzales, SCN

Sr Julie Kubasak, DC

Sr Rosemary MacDonald, CSM-PEI

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