Joined Together in the Mission of Charity

Day 3: Hazard Yet Forward

On Saturday morning, June 3, 2017, Sister Mary McCormick, SCNY welcomed the Sisters for the third day of the Federation annual meeting. Facilitator Sister Florence Hee, OSF led the morning prayer and faith sharing session.

Sister Mary started the first session of the day with a reminder of the three intentions for the meeting: to identify and honor the diversity among us, recognize the current realities of the Federation, and articulate the implications as we live into our shared future. Four Sisters highlighted current realities and implications as they considered the future of the Federation for the next 10 years.

Sister Salvatrice Murphy, DC-St. Louise offered that in everything there is truth but also brokenness in our history as Federation. She described the shared charism of living charity as a gem. Sister Melissa Camardo, SCL shared her hope that the Federation can be a creative force, a gathering and creating space. She cites that collaboration is surging in new ways and is urgent for the future where the wisdom of each is welcomed. Sister Joanne O’Regan, CSM shared her experience as a member of an Atlantic Canadian Religious Formation Conference and the joint effort amongst the Canadian Federation members to collaborate in ministries and use their diverse gifts, rather than duplicate efforts. She encouraged action now rather than “eventually we will have to act.” Sister Carlette Gentle, SCN rounded out the session by giving examples of barriers to inclusion and diversity in congregations. She challenged us to live inter-congregationally, inter-generationally, and multi-culturally.

The table discussions focused on two questions: “what 3 realities would you highlight as important for moving into the future as the Federation?” and “what implications would you name as we live into our shared future for the next 10 years?”

The Sisters, speakers, and staff then boarded buses for the Sheen Center to see an afternoon performance of the Turlough McConnell play How the Nuns of NY Tamed the Gangs of NY. The play traced the history of the Sisters of Charity of New York, from the origins of St. Elizabeth Seton to the arrival of the Sisters in NY, concluding with a tribute to the present-day Sisters.

Mass was celebrated at St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral in Manhattan followed by dinner at Hughes Center before travelling back to Tarrytown.


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