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Our involvement in international affairs

The Federation NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) gives voice to those living in poverty and provides firsthand knowledge to decision makers in areas such as Sustainable Development, Poverty Eradication, Human Rights, Trafficking, Migration, Climate Change, Financing for Development, Education for Global Citizenship, and Women & Children.

There are currently more than 4,000 NGOs accredited to the Economic Social Council of the United Nations. Twenty-nine of these NGOs represent nearly 100,000 religious serving in 177 countries on behalf of over 200 congregations. Weekly the NGOs are briefed on current issues. Based on their areas of interest and focus, NGOs network through various committees, for learning, research, and advocacy on specific issues. They also sponsor side events – best practices from the grassroots at the UN during major meetings, jointly with other NGOs and Member States. At the same time, each NGO is disseminating information to the sponsoring organization(s), raising awareness, increasing knowledge, and offering suggestions for advocacy.

Sisters and Associates can serve as an NGO liaison, interns, and participants in various UN meetings. They also have an opportunity to participate in a three day UN orientation. (Please contact the NGO Representative) Student groups are provided with a short orientation and student interns based in New York are welcome.

April 2019 NGO News 63rdCommission on the Status of Women and Children | Federation co-sponsors CSW parallel event | Federation participates in Commission for Social Development | Sister Romina Sapinoso: Connecting at the UN | Federation NGO in India | Vincentian Family Welcomes NGOs."

January 2019 UN & You Care of the Earth: the role of faith-based groups. "Global organizations now realize that they need to work with faith-based organizations to integrate moral/ethical values and individual responsibility into social, economic and environmental issues."

December 2018 UN & You UN Conventions on Climate Change, Migration: "Climate change is a global problem, and it requires a global solution."

November 2018 NGO News 73rd Session of the UN General Assembly, Summit on Tuberculosis and Non-communicable Diseases, Migrant Workers: An Asian-Pacific Experience in Delhi, India; UN Orientation for Sisters of St. Martha Justice Ministry, Vincentian Family Collaborative Action Program and Commission for the Promotion of Systemic Change Seminar in Pacet, Mojokerto, Indonesia

March 2018 UN & You Domestic Workers are an integral part of the global workforce. They provide services that enable others to work and help keep the labor markets and economies working around the globe. Recognizing the significant contribution of domestic workers to the global economy and the discriminatory conditions of employment and denial of their human rights, the ILO passed the Domestic Workers Convention (C189) concerning decent work for domestic workers.

February 2018 NGO Newsletter Sisters of Charity Federation NGO Liaisons and members at the 56th Commission for Social Development, Thoughts from Melissa Gibilaro and Sr. Marion Sheridan CSM, Global Compact on Migration: Four Fundamental Considerations for Making Migration Work for All, Connecting Development and Human Rights, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights to Step Down, Flippin’ (Pancakes) for a Cause: Raising Funds to Assist in Building a Safe House for Trafficked Women.

January 2018 UN & You The United Nations launched a year-long campaign on December 10, 2017 to honor the foundational Universal Declaration of Human Rights document, which marks its 70th anniversary in 2018.

September 2017 UN & You Heads of States and Ministers from all the Member States of the United Nations gathered in New York City for the week to participate in the 72nd UN General Assembly. The annual debate was on the theme: “Focusing on People – Striving for Peace and a Decent Life for All on a Sustainable Planet.”

August 2017 NGO Newsletter High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development, Giovanna Ortega Pinto’s internship with our NGO, annual Federation NGO Liaison meeting, United Nations negotiated Legally Binding Treaty Banning all Nuclear Weapons, Paris Climate Change Agreement and the USA, Intergenerational Dialogues on the Sustainable Development Goals.

June 2017 UN & You The number of children worldwide caught up in child labor is astounding - 168 million. What can we do to address child labor?

May 2017 UN & You Forced labor is another form of modern day slavery. Women, men and children trapped in forced labor are denied their human rights and deprived of their freedom – they live and work in the shadows, in inhuman conditions. Forced labor generates $150 billion illegal profits in the private economy every year. What role can we play to end forced labor?

March 2017 NGO Newsletter New Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, Strategies for eradicating poverty: Achieving Sustainable Development for All, The Vincentian Family Side Event at the 55th Commission on Social Development, Interns with the Federation NGO, Participants of UN orientation sessions, Reflections on the Civil Society Forum.

NGO Representative

Teresa Kotturan, SCN represents the Sisters of Charity Federation NGO at the United Nations. Sister Teresa educates Federation members and the public on the services and activities of the United Nations.

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