Sister Monica Gundler

Monica Gundler, Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati, is one of four Sisters of Charity in the Federation living in the House of Charity in New Orleans, Louisiana and ministering to the people there. Sister Monica is also the vocations director for the Cincinnati congregation.

Sister Sharen Baldy

Sharen Blady, Sisters of Charity of Nazareth, serves as assistant director and case worker at Joint Organization for Inner City Needs (JOIN), a unique nonprofit in the inner city of Columbus, Ohio. Sister Sharen's clients include the elderly on fixed incomes, struggling families, immigrants, and others. 

Sister Judith Rojas

Judith Rojas, Daughters of Charity - Province of St. Louise, a native of Columbia, serves in pastoral care at Providence Hospital in Washington D.C.  

Sister Johanna Quinto

Johanna Quinto, Sisters of Charity of Saint Elizabeth, serves in education as the development director for St. Augustus School in New Jersey.

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