Future of Charity Sisters

What is the Future of Charity?

The Future of Charity is a collaborative group that has formed to build relationships among the younger, newer members of the Federation congregations. The group launched in August 2014 and went on retreat at the House of Charity in New Orleans, Louisiana, where they spent time getting to know one another and dreaming about how they might journey together. 

The Future of Charity hopes to communicate their love of God and of religious life as well as be a safe place for discerners to freely explore what is stirring in their hearts. The group is open to women exploring their call up to 10 years professed as a sister.

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  • Dreaming with Our Hearts Wide Open June 18, 2019
    By Sister Annie Klapheke, SC SC Federation Temporary ProfessedClick HERE to learn more about AnnieClick HERE to learn more about the SC Federation“And you know you can’t go back again, to the world that you were living in,‘cause you’re dreaming with your eyes wide open.  So, come alive!”“Come Alive”, from The Greatest Showmanwords by Justin Paul and Benj […]
    Future of Charity
  • She Went Into The Desert To Pray... June 5, 2019
    By S. Romina Sapinoso, S.C.SC Federation Temporary ProfessedClick HERE to learn more about RominaClick HERE to learn more about the SC FederationA retreat blog in pictures...Before leaving for retreat (June 3-11) I was cleaning out my inbox and found this email sent 11 years ago by Janet Gildea, S.C., dear mentor, sister and friend who […]
    Future of Charity
  • Super Powers, AKA Fruits of the Holy Spirit May 26, 2019
    By Sr. Andrea Koverman, SCC, First ProfessedClick HERE to learn more about AndreaClick HERE to learn more about the SC FederationIn December 2018, I relocated to join our local community in Anthony, NM. My primary new ministry is helping to develop the educational programming for the Proyecto Santo Niño Clinic in Anapra, Mexico, established by […]
    Future of Charity
  • Easter Hope: Singing Alleluia with Janet April 24, 2019
    By Sr. Tracy Kemme, SC Federation Temporary Professed      Click HERE to learn more about Tracy Click HERE to learn more about the SC FederationI thought it might be harder to sing the Easter “Alleluia” this year, since our dear Sister Janet Gildea died on April fourth.  Instead, amid grappling with the surrealness of Janet’s […]
  • Growing in Patience April 10, 2019
    By Sr. Whitney Schieltz, SC Federation Apostolic Novice      Click HERE to learn more about Whitney Click HERE to learn more about the SC FederationNow in the second half of my second year as a novice, I am currently discerning the next stage of formation: temporary vows. For the past few months I have been reading […]
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