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What is the Future of Charity?

The Future of Charity is a collaborative group that has formed to build relationships among the younger, newer members of the Federation congregations. The group launched in August 2014 and went on retreat at the House of Charity in New Orleans, Louisiana, where they spent time getting to know one another and dreaming about how they might journey together. 

The Future of Charity hopes to communicate their love of God and of religious life as well as be a safe place for discerners to freely explore what is stirring in their hearts. The group is open to women exploring their call up to 10 years professed as a sister.

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  • Growing in Patience April 10, 2019
    By Sr. Whitney Schieltz, SC Federation Apostolic Novice      Click HERE to learn more about Whitney Click HERE to learn more about the SC FederationNow in the second half of my second year as a novice, I am currently discerning the next stage of formation: temporary vows. For the past few months I have been reading […]
  • Living the "already" of mission and the "not yet" of vows March 27, 2019
    By Sr. Kara Davis, Daughter of Charity Under 10 Years VocationClick HERE to learn more about Sr. KaraClick HERE to learn more about the SC FederationI was registering for an Archdiocesan Day of Reflection for Consecrated Life here in Chicago and struggled to complete the form.  Name, congregation, years of vocation… easy questions.  Then there was […]
    Future of Charity
  • Leaning into Lent and others March 12, 2019
    By Sr. Carlette Gentle, SC Federation Perpetually Professed      Click HERE to learn more about Carlette      Click HERE to learn more about the SC FederationThe Gospel reading for the first Tuesday of Lent reminds us of a God of every season including a season of Lent, a season where we reap what we sow, […]
  • Congratulations, Sr. Hyeon! February 26, 2019
    By Sr. Judy Donohue, SC Federation Temporary Professed      Click HERE to learn more about Judy      Click HERE to learn more about the SC Federationprogram of the vow ceremonySr. Hyeon Lee made her first vows into the Sisters of Charity of Seton Hill at a 2pm Mass on February 23 at their Chapel of […]
  • Fog and Silhouettes February 13, 2019
    By S. Romina Sapinoso, S.C.SC Federation Temporary ProfessedClick HERE to learn more about RominaClick HERE to learn more about the SC FederationEl Nido, Palawan in the early morningBack in 2012 on a trip home to visit my family in the Philippines, we went to a beautiful part of the country towards the south called El […]
    Future of Charity
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