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Cincinnati Sisters Installing Solar Panels on Property


Committed to the care of our global home, the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati are called to sustainably protect and restore the integrity of the Earth’s ecological system. This fall the Sisters of Charity Leadership Team announced steps taken toward solar energy on the Mount St. Joseph compound.

The intent is to have 10 interfacing solar panels provide all the electricity needed for the six Sisters of Charity residences located on the corner of Bender Road and Delhi Pike. The goal is for these residences to eventually reach net zero energy. The Sisters desire to transform the Motherhouse properties and designated communities into models of ecological sustainability.

In the coming weeks a solar racking system will be installed in the area between Bender Road and La Casa Del Sol. The actual installation will take four weeks unless something unforeseen is discovered. No interruption of electrical power is expected and normal services can continue. The minimal glare will not interfere with normal Bender Road traffic.

The Sisters of Charity take seriously their responsibility as stewards of Earth as they challenge themselves to seek communal and personal environmental sustainability. The overall solar project is under the direction of Melink Corporation located in Milford, Ohio.


Story originally published as a news release by the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati. 


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