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UN addresses homelessness in historic resolution

“The 58th Session of the Commission for Social Development has historic significance. For the first time, the UN has issued a resolution on homelessness, describing it and calling on member states to measure it. This is a testament to the power of advocacy, collaboration and partnerships among NGOs, people who experience homelessness, UN member states and the UN.

“The Vincentian Family initiative to end homelessness was announced in October 2017 during the 400th anniversary celebration of its charism. The Vincentian Family NGOs took up the call to end homelessness as part of their advocacy at the United Nations, along with other NGOs based in New York. The tireless efforts of the NGOs and various Vincentian Family entities from 2018 resulted in having a priority theme: “Affordable housing and social protection systems for all to address homelessness,” for the 58th session of the UN Commission for Social Development in February 2020.”

— Sister Teresa Kotturan, SCN, Sisters of Charity Federation NGO Representative to the United Nations

Read full text of Sister Teresa’s article (PDF)

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