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New York sisters vote on completion

Last Thursday, the Sisters of Charity of New York sent a news release announcing their decision not to accept new members to the U.S. congregation.

Read the announcement and comments on the SCNY web site

Sister Sherryl White, CSJ, facilitated the SCNY discrete assembly session on April 13, where the vote was taken. With her permission, we are sharing her reflection on this experience:

“It has been one of my most profound moments of privilege and grace to facilitate the General Assembly for the New York Sisters of Charity when they made this courageous and faith-filled choice to embrace completion and to stop receiving vocations. A historical giant in religious life, they continue their legacy of leadership and challenge, facing realities in order to fully live what is still theirs to embrace. The world will hear from SCNY for many years to come! I could not be more proud of them than I am today! This is a time for congratulations, not condolences. Treasure your past memories of SCNY, but stay tuned and connected for the life that is theirs to live! SCNY believes in and embodies Paschal Mystery. SCNY is alive and well!”

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