Joined Together in the Mission of Charity

Invitation to minister in Belize

The Sisters of Charity of Nazareth have been ministering in Belize, Central America since 1975. Still today, they are continuing to explore and dream possibilities to enhance the current reality and the need for sisters to consider ministry, short and/or long term, in the country.

You may ask yourself, “What could I do in Belize City?” The truth is, the possibilities are endless! Currently, there are three Sisters of Charity of Nazareth ministering here—two originally from Belize and one from the U.S. From Sister Beverly Hoffman, SCN, providing physical therapy to children with physical impairment to Sister Carlette Gentle, SCN, working to connect senior citizens with needed services and support, the ministries cover a wide range of needs of the area. And you’re not just limited to one need! Sister Higina Bol, SCN, volunteers with children, youth, and parents in addition to visiting with the sick and homebound, exploring ministry with hospice patients.

Additional volunteer and ministry needs of the area include hospitality (giving presence in the Belize House, overseeing house management, overseeing volunteers to the area), tutoring for elementary and high school students, pastoral ministry, SCNA relationship, LIFE ministry (alongside Sister Carlette), and the Inspiration Center.

You can read more about the possible ministry or volunteer opportunities here.

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