Joined Together in the Mission of Charity

Board Meeting in South Korea

The Sisters of Charity Federation places a strong emphasis on fostering solidarity by deepening and widening relationships among the Federation congregations by attending to the inter-cultural, international, and multi-generational realities of the congregations. This emphasis is what urged the Sisters of Charity of Seton Hill to invite the Federation board members to Korea for a week in April.

During this week, the board members had the opportunity to meet with Sisters of Charity of Seton Hill and Daughters of Charity who live and minister in Korea. The board prayed alongside these local sisters, experienced their customs, visited their religious and civic shrines and places of ministry, and simply enjoyed being together.

The experience was a way for the board members to enhance their knowledge and appreciation for the Federation sisters of different cultures, the challenges they encounter, the needs they experience, and the joys they celebrate. As a result of the experience, the board formed new ideas for how to collaborate in ministry, initial formation, and community life.

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