Joined Together in the Mission of Charity

Discernment Night

For single, Catholic women to explore religious life in the Charity charism. "Discerning in a Complex Church" with Deb Rose-Milavec, co-director of Future Church. For Zoom link or questions, contact

Discernment Night

For single, Catholic women to explore religious life in the Charity charism. The Future of Charity: An opportunity to meet, reflect and pray with our newest Sisters and Daughters of Charity! For Zoom link or questions, contact

SC Federation Discernment Event

Single, Catholic women are invited to an SC Federation Discernment Night from 2:30 to 4 p.m. Eastern on Sunday, Feb. 12. To register, email

Charity Moving Forward: One Heart, One Spirit

The Center at Mariandale 299 N Highland Ave, Ossining, NY, United States

All SC Federation sisters who entered religious life after 1970 are invited to come to New York next summer for Charity Moving Forward. Sister Regina Bechtle, SC (New York), will join us to reflect with us on this quote by St. Vincent De Paul: "God bestows a special blessing on this gathering, assembled to reflect on matters which affect our service. You must first of all examine the goal of all your actions, the glory of God. After that, you must consider the interests of this group and the good of those whose lives will be affected by your decisions. For although we are many, we must have but one heart and one spirit. Just as the Spirit proceeds from the total union of the Father and Son, so the works of Charity, attributed to the Spirit, will result from a union of hearts and minds. You see, God is Charity, you must, therefore, do all in your power to be formed in the image of God. What do we find in God? We see the dignity of persons and the unity of essence. Cherish the gifts and dispositions which God has given you. By God’s grace, you will be able to do whatever is asked of you." We are calling our July 2023 gathering “One Heart, One Spirit.” We have plans for prayer and sharing, swimming, a BBQ, a good deal of laughter, and options for outings in NYC or other nearby places. A registration form will be sent out in a few months. Save these dates on your calendar and join us at The Center at Mariandale next July 13-16, followed by a Company of Charity Formation Personnel (CCFP) meeting July 16-19, 2023. 2021-2023 Charity Moving Forward Committee: Ellen Dauwer, SC-New Jersey Michelle Grgurich, SCN Carol Ann Lockwood, SC-New Jersey Alice Ann O’Neill, SC-Cincinnati Amy Willcott, SCL

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