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What is the Future of Charity?

The Future of Charity is a collaborative group that has formed to build relationships among the younger, newer members of the Federation congregations. The group launched in August 2014 and went on retreat at the House of Charity in New Orleans, Louisiana, where they spent time getting to know one another and dreaming about how they might journey together. 

The Future of Charity hopes to communicate their love of God and of religious life as well as be a safe place for discerners to freely explore what is stirring in their hearts. The group is open to women exploring their call up to 10 years professed as a sister.

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  • Charity Moving Forward July 19, 2017
    Over the weekend several members of the Future of Charity group joined about 50 other Sisters from the SC Federation to participate in the 2017 Charity Moving Forward gathering.  Taking place every two to three years, Charity Moving Forward (formerly known as 1970s and Beyond) is for Sisters in the SC Federation who entered between 1970 […]
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  • The Vocation of Location and the Presents of Presence July 12, 2017
    By Sr. Andrea Koverman, SC Federation Temporary Professed      Click HERE to learn more about Andrea      Click HERE to learn more about the SC FederationI grew up with several family members who were Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati.  The one that was a regular part of my life as long as I can remember […]
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  • Mininka Mininka Waye So Dawaw July 5, 2017
    By S. Romina Sapinoso, SC Federation Canonical Novice      Click HERE to learn more about Romina      Click HERE to learn more about the SC FederationIntisan and her sister enjoy the view of the Ohio River.Intisan finally stood up from her chair and walked over in the direction of the area where her younger sister, […]
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  • The Tragic Gap June 29, 2017
    By Sr. Annie Klapheke, SC Federation Temporary Professed      Click HERE to learn more about Annie      Click HERE to learn more about the SC FederationThis past weekend, the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati and their Associates spent four days together in a communal retreat.  This sacred time of reflection was facilitated by Sr. Janet Mock, […]
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  • A Shadow of the Kingdom where Dunkin’ Donuts are EVERYWHERE… June 23, 2017
    By Sr. Laura Coughlin, SC Federation Perpetually Professed      Click HERE to learn more about Laura      Click HERE to learn more about the SC FederationNext month I will be moving from Boston to Dayton, Ohio, to start a PhD at the University of Dayton.  My last few weeks before leaving have been spent trying […]
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