Future of Charity Sisters

What is the Future of Charity?

The Future of Charity is a collaborative group that has formed to build relationships among the younger, newer members of the Federation congregations. The group launched in August 2014 and went on retreat at the House of Charity in New Orleans, Louisiana, where they spent time getting to know one another and dreaming about how they might journey together. 

The Future of Charity hopes to communicate their love of God and of religious life as well as be a safe place for discerners to freely explore what is stirring in their hearts. The group is open to women exploring their call up to 10 years professed as a sister.

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  • Fog and Silhouettes February 13, 2019
    By S. Romina Sapinoso, S.C.SC Federation Temporary ProfessedClick HERE to learn more about RominaClick HERE to learn more about the SC FederationEl Nido, Palawan in the early morningBack in 2012 on a trip home to visit my family in the Philippines, we went to a beautiful part of the country towards the south called El […]
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  • Staying at the Table: Our Commitment to Community January 27, 2019
    By Sr. Annie Klapheke, SC Federation Temporary Professed      Click HERE to learn more about Annie      Click HERE to learn more about the SC FederationHoly Father, Son and SpiritHoly Communion, Three-in-one.Come with your peace,With your invitationBind us together in Holy love.(Trinity Song by Sandra McCracken)These words rang out, filling the center of a circle […]
    Future of Charity Blog
  • The Dawn-Bringer January 16, 2019
    By Sr. Rejane Cytacki, SC Federation Perpetually Professed      Click HERE to learn more about Rejane      Click HERE to learn more about the SC Federationdowny woodpecker in the tulip treeI have come to love winter as it is the time the earth rests and renews itself, and I try to follow nature’s example. When […]
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  • Welcome: Christmas Eve Reflections From The Border December 24, 2018
    by S. Andrea Koverman, S.C., S. Romina Sapinoso, S.C., Sandra RamirezAndrea, Romina and Sandra are all spending their Christmas and New Year’s holidays down on the border at the Sister of Charity Casa de Caridad in Anthony, New Mexico. Andrea and Romina are Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati and Sandra Ramirez is a freshman at […]
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  • Who, Me??? December 23, 2018
    By Sister Andrea Koverman, SCSC Federation First ProfessedClick HERE to learn more about Andrea Click HERE to learn more about the SC FederationThe season of Advent never fails to be a time of growth and deepening transformation when we dedicate ourselves to an extended and deepened examination of how well prepared we are to receive God. […]
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